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Ss.com is not all there is, to buy Mercedes-Benz is safer on dalder.lv

14.01.2022    1149

Among other classified portals, ss.com (previously known as ss.lv) has kept its position within the niche for quite a long period of time. Unfortunately, the experience of buying a car with the help of this site has not not always been the most pleasant - dishonest traders, cars that have been damaged previously in accidents and then put together, been underwater during floods or damaged in some other ways. Besides, on the platform itself there are no such tools offered that may decrease the risk of stumbling across such unpleasant experiences and warn other potential buyers of low quality car offers. We must admit that the popular portal is outdated, and in addition to that, posting ads is much more expensive there than it is elsewhere.

Then why do we keep on using it while there are much more innovative and modern classified sites available? One of the leaders of innovation in the field of classified portals is dalder.lv. As it turns out, to buy Mercedes there is much safer.

Time for change

Habits have evolved in an evolutionary way to save energy. If something has already become a habit, it saves the brain an extra effort as there is no need to think about it and be fully aware of the actions. Also using the popular portal ss.com has become a habit to many, but switching to something new requires additional research. However, it is worth reviewing one's habits as it may improve the quality of life, and in this case - to buy Mercedes-Benz in the future could mean a much higher probability of making a successful purchase and not regretting the investment if the car has been found on dalder.lv.

A qualitative alternative in the field of classified portals was needed already for a while, and dalder.lv not only provides an opportunity to add classifieds free of charge, but also is a step ahead to others when it comes to innovation.

Why is it safer with dalder.lv?

To buy a car on classified portal dalder.lv is safer mainly because of 2 reasons: first, each seller has his/her website (which allows to make sure of the trader's identity), and second, one of the sections on this website is reviews (which provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of other clients).

After registering on the portal, a user's website is created automatically. It can be later found through the search engine of dalder.lv, and there is also a link added on each classified of the user that takes directly to the website. This website can be obtained both by buyer and seller, and it can be used as a buyers and sellers profile at the same time, depending on the necessity.

The winners are both car buyers and sellers as both sides involved in the deal get an opportunity to gain more information about each other. Reviews can be read both about what type of buyer and seller is the specific user. And after each deal a comment and evaluation within a 5-star rating can be left by both parties. It also provides full information to next buyers and sellers that will be able not only to read reviews but also make sure of the identity of their publishers.

Reasonable Mercedes-Benz prices

An especially important feature when looking for a new car, is the creation of filters. Thanks to the filters, notifications can be received when a corresponding classified is added. A specific Mercedes-Benz model has to be chosen and on the top of the page specific criteria has to be inserted, including a reasonable Mercedes-Benz price (setting the max sum). A notification about a new corresponding classified is first sent directly to dalder.lv (notification panel), as well as within 24h an email is sent if the classified has not been noticed on the platform already.

How to buy Mercedes-Benz in the used car market?

Buying a used car model on dalder.lv greatly facilitated thanks to already mentioned websites of traders and availability of review's section. In this case, it is especially important to get acquainted with the experience of others. There are individuals to whom selling used cars has become a business, and that is where it is possible to stumble across dishonest offers (with low-quality cars from abroad).

It is important that every user of dalder.lv is aware that later on others can leave reviews about their experience. This fact itself points to the honesty of the trader and the transparency of the deal, and that gives a greater sense of confidence that flaws of the car won't stay concealed. But if the seller deliberately has been willing to deceive the customer, unlike on other classified portals, on dalder.lv it will not stay hidden as there will be an option to share a public feedback.

When buying a used car, in addition to checking the reviews section, one also has to agree on the car diagnostics. If the seller refuses, it is definitely a reason to doubt his/her credibility. During the car diagnostics, not only the service mechanic performs a visual inspection of the car, but also connects the car to a computer system, which turns certain car damage into codes. The diagnostics enables the service mechanic to predict how soon a repair service will be needed, what is the actual condition of the car, how much a repair may cost in the future and for how long the car is expected to last.

A start to a business

The creation of free websites and classifieds on dalder.lv provide a place for ad both to experienced and new business owners. To those that hope to start their own car business, on this classified portal all the necessary tools can be found to create a professional impression. On the website of each user, a contact, classifieds and reviews section can be found, but on business profiles, also the “About us” section.

Creating and maintaining a website of one's own requires both financial investments and time; however, on the innovative platform, it happens just within a few seconds as this process is automated. In addition to that, it is free of charge. On dalder.lv, not only is it possible to become a seller of Mercedes-Benz, but also start a business in other fields like car wash, repair, insurance, ad, decoration, etc. If starting a business until now seemed too complicated from the point of ad, then on dalder.lv this process becomes much more understandable as a professional platform is provided where to tell about oneself.

Reviews matter!

Dalder.lv is also called a market platform as a wide base of various traders in different industries is available in many different fields, besides - a communication between a buyer and seller is promoted. It is also possible for the owner of the profile to provide a response to a review with a comment. Because of that, negative reviews can also be turned into positive ones. If a seller shows a genuine interest and wants the client to receive the best experience, later on mistakes can be corrected and the quality of the service improved in the future.

Clients that get acquainted with the reviews on the seller's profile will definitely appreciate it if a seller has been able to admit an error, apologize for inconveniences and maybe even provide a solution immediately through the public comment. This way also the reviewer may change his mind and afterwards add a completely different opinion! But to other potential buyers it shows that even in case of an unpleasant situation or a mistake the seller does not stay indifferent. As a result, even a negative review at the end may serve to increase the trust in the seller.

Research shows that buyers are more likely to use websites in which the section of reviews is available as that helps to make sure of the honesty of the trader. Besides, any seller is a winner as even 1 review has the power to significantly increase sales and attract new clients.

New website for surfing

Among all the social network profiles that today's options of the internet offer to manage, dalder.lv is a useful alternative in the corporate environment. There is a certain similarity between the social networks and dalder.lv indeed as the users can be found on the search engine by their names and surnames or the name of the company, as well as the websites have a place for profile and background photos.

When there is a need to find out what happens in the nearest region and what is the situation in the car market, dalder.lv is a reliable site to look for information. Each region has its ad board in various categories. And those that buy Mercedes-Benz, can look up a seller that is located closest to home.

Besides, on dalder.lv it also takes less time than on other sites to browse offers of cars. Thanks to already mentioned filters, the search time can be significantly reduced. After saving specific criteria, the ready-made filters can be found in the filter section. And the favorite classifieds can be marked with a star; therefore, there will be no need to look repeatedly for the same ad going through different sections of classified portal over again.

Opening dalder.lv does not mean getting lost in a black hole in a seemingly hypnotic state as it often happens when viewing one funny cat video after another on Facebook. If one has created filters, the portal may as well be opened only to check out a new classified that corresponds to the set criteria! And even though it is a new website for surfing, it is finally also a site that has made sure not to take all of our time to browse it!

It is professional, innovative and both time-and-money-saving. If you still have not registered on the site, you are missing out on a number of advantages that other classified portals cannot offer! That is why we invite you to join the circle of users and create a safer future of car deals already from today!

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