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5 things that await you by gaining A category licence

22.03.2022    1159

The A category is a dream to many, both men and women. It is a testament to freedom that promises many adventures and escaping the everyday routine. Very often a motorcycle is associated with the midlife crisis, as often searching for experiences full of adrenaline is a way to deal with it. That is a way to start living life to its fullest and start a whole new chapter. However, it is not only when we're 40 that we face a crisis - also our everyday life is made up of moments of disappointment and failure. It all together is what makes up the prelude for a much more serious crisis. And a motorcycle is a way to overcome the hard moments in life, let the pain go and give life new colours. A broken heart is healed by beautiful sunsets and the wind that blows the hair while riding on a motorcycle on countryside roads.

In the end, everyone is hoping for the best and not the worst. And to many, gaining the A category licence is a way to improve life and start over. The A category can enrich life in many ways and make it more exciting. It can be obtained starting from 24 years of age or after 2 years of driving an A2 category motorcycle and passing the RTSD driving test.

We will tell you more about what awaits you by gaining the A category licence, and we have invited Presto driving school to join the discussion.

Redefine who you are

The A category means a new status, and the new uniform definitely confirms that as it makes one stand out from the crowd. New motorcyclists soon have to start getting used to glances full of admiration and compliments. Also the opposite sex definitely shows their appreciation more than usually. Neither the new motorcycle, nor the new uniform will go unnoticed.

By obtaining category A, one can start to get to know himself/herself again. For someone more shy from nature, it is a chance to stand out by arriving to meet his/her date with a loud roar of the engine that can be heard in the distance. To someone that is actually unwilling to attract any additional attention, it is definitely going to be a real challenge! To someone else category A may mean overcoming his/her fears and daring to be more courageous. Within the training process, the always fearful slowly turns into a more confident person. Mastering new skills helps to become more confident in one's abilities and thus build self-confidence. Overall, category A paves the road for significant changes.

As it is with any new knowledge and experience, it widens one's horizon, understanding of the world and also of oneself. Very often we hear people saying: ”Just be yourself!” However, very often the somewhat negative and restricting assumptions of who one is, does not allow one to grow, become a better person and fulfil the wildest of dreams. Someone thinks: “I am just too shy“... and just hides away in the corner… Or: “I am just too scared of everything…”, and that way the dream of riding a motorcycle is never fulfilled. It is worth getting over fear, shyness and other restrictions and discover who you really can be.

Everyone is teaching, no one is learning

A category means practical work. This is where the following quote seems to come in handy: ”The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action”, and as the lyrics of the band “Jūdas graši” explains - “everyone teaches, no one is learning”. In the end, actions speak louder than words. And no matter how great of plans and other blablabla you may have previously spoken about, you will finally notice that people actually start listening to you, take you into account and respect you more. Because anyone can daydream, but only the one that has taken practical steps towards fulfilling his/her dreams, is capable of convincing others of the seriousness of his/her intentions and of being a purposeful person.

Very soon your actions - driving an A category motorcycle - will inspire others. Your new lifestyle and way of moving will tell everyone about you without saying a single word. Gandhi has a saying: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And also your A category will bring about some changes in your circle of friends and lifestyle. You will have accomplished something meaningful. And it will demonstrate that your life can be measured in actions and accomplishments and not just years.

At the same time, you will soon notice that many still want to give you some uninvited advice. Also the ones that have never driven a motorcycle in their life. You will soon have to hear about many catastrophic stories of motorcyclists tragically having been killed.

There may even be some persons you may have to hide from the fact that you are planning to obtain the A category licence as for them this type of vehicle may seem too disturbing and worrisome choice of transportation. Mostly, those will be people that are afraid of motorcycles in general. Even though advice is mostly given out of love, you will soon understand that there is no need to argue or prove that they are wrong. You will just learn not to take it to heart.

Parking will be easy and cheap

The A category will soon allow you to discover that parking can be much easier and cheaper than it is with the B category car. There is no need to pay for parking when you drive an A category motorcycle. This will be just one of the reasons why the motorcycle will become your favourite vehicle to move around the city.

A motorcycle can be easily parked on the pavement, just next to the doors of the office or apartment building. Therefore, when going to work or a meeting, there will be no need to worry that you may arrive late just because you cannot find a free parking space. There will always be a place for a motorcycle.

Besides, the motorcyclists are not even bothered by such signs as “No stopping”. Even though parking on the part of the road is prohibited indeed, the motorcyclist has an option that someone driving a car could never have - just to park the vehicle on the sidewalk! The most important thing is for the motorcycle not to disturb the pedestrians!

Everything happens fast!

In the beginning, many will find it even impossible to notice the road signs in a timely manner within the training process. Very often it is just like that when learning to drive a B category car. However, when learning to ride a motorcycle, it will turn out that the speed of noticing the road signs is even slower than when starting to learn to drive a B category car. The road signs will have slipped unnoticed even before managing to lift up eyes. Everything happens fast - that is why one has to get used to it in the first place!

Later the speed will be what the motorcyclist will appreciate above all else. In comparison to a car, a motorcycle is a very dynamic means of transportation. You will no longer be stuck in traffic jams as you will be able to ride between the cars if the interval allows. While others may spend many hours in traffic jams, meanwhile, the motorcyclists can reach at least the next intersection. Also the starting of a motorcycle is faster as it is more powerful. It makes it possible to save time and travel faster.

Overall, the speed helps to improve concentration. And soon you will learn that you are actually starting to notice more of what is happening around you. The ability to pay attention and not just look, will be developed. When driving an A category motorcycle, one regularly has to make sure that there is no one in the back, on the sides, on the right and left as it is important for safety.

Events and new friends

The love for A category will soon take you to new people, events and get-togethers. There are different kinds of events including the opening of the motorcycle season, exploring certain routes and even trips abroad.

It is also possible to join a motoclub that seems to correspond to the rider's personality and interests. The clubs are different and each is characterised by individual traits and values. For example, the type of a motorcycle may differ: MF, Mcc, etc. There are also clubs that unite its members not only by the love of motorcycles but also by common faith. For example, in Latvia there is a motoclub Christian Motorcycle Brotherhood.

New year, new commitments

2022 is the year of a tiger. Energetically it is considered to be the most powerful year in the astrological cycle. A motorcycle seems to suit it. So much is already done but so much is still ahead.

With your choice to gain the A category licence you will define your future already today. You can start by applying for the training on presto.lv. It is the biggest driving school of Latvia with the widest network of branches. Besides, according to the RTSD statistics, it is the TOP Latvian driving school. Those are certainly good reasons as to why we consider it to be the best driving school in the country.

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